A Warm Message of Hope by Huggies

During this current COVID-19 pandemic that’s gripping the world, brands are keen to offer a positive message, but must source the right ingredients to hit the spot. And that’s where Huggies has ticked all the boxes right, with their latest campaign.

Kimberly Clark’s baby care brand has released their latest digital campaign, reassuring the new borns and their moms that the world outside would soon be a better and safe place.

An interesting comparison of Rubber Ducks in a bath tub with a beautiful ocean

The campaign conceptualized by FCB Interface, shows the world through a baby’s eyes, narrated by a mom, portraying a world eager to meet her kid. It beautifully describes how life is way beyond and not just confined to the four walls filled with toys and pets, but how beautiful the outside world is, from the tall and slender mountains to the honey loving bears and much more. According to Chella Pandyan, the Marketing Director of Kimberly Clark, the film is a message of hope and the promise of tomorrow.

Let there be more campaigns that can spread positive vibes.

Here’s the link to the entire campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKLBNy7Nz_o&feature=youtu.be

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