5-Star Luxury in a box or on wheels

Customer Experience is synonymous with the hospitality industry. When we walk into a top notch 5-star hotel or resort, we seek not only a great plate of food, but a memorable and enriching experience and restaurants, irrespective of their star rating, is determined to produce that Wow Factor.

Amidst all the shockwaves created by COVID-19, there have been many instances where various tweaks are being made in the existing business model, especially in the star hotels business, which is both interesting and startling at the same time.

5 Star Dhobi Wala? Well, well, well

Some of the interesting ones include:
▪️Laundry home delivery menu and food delivery by DoubleTree by Hilton
▪️Food on Wheels by Intercontinental Hotels Group, Marriott, Hyatt

Can we have one exquisite experience please? Well sealed in a box?

Even though, the changes were made to keep at least some parts of their well-oiled machinery running, star hotel experience is never about the food alone. Can the concept of ‘on wheels’ ever replicate the fine dining experience? Won’t these dilute the brand value, with packaging being the only thing that could be controlled?

Online Food Delivery partnership for Hyatt

Yes, the tweaks were essential at these times but it would be interesting to see whether these brands would continue with these services, once normalcy is restored.

What’s your take on this?

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