Ixigo: Creating Moments that Matter

With flight operations recommencing from May 25th, Travel platform ixigo has stepped up their game, with Ixigo Assured.

#Ixigo have always been known for their fascinating & refined content & according to Aashish Chopra, Ixigo’s Content Marketing VP, their content strategy has been to put users first, above everything else.

This simple mantra has made some of their campaigns like Etiquette Guides, SocialMojo & Sounds We Miss, a resounding success.

Through #IxigoAssured, they’ve made that mantra even more meaningful.

It was launched as the result of their recent travel sentiment survey, where nearly 50% respondents were more favorable towards fully-refundable booking options for their air travel during these uncertain times.

Priced at ₹399, its benefits include:
▪️Full refund guarantee up to ₹5000 for cancellations made by travellers, for any reason whatsoever
▪️Complete Travel Insurance Cover

Interestingly, most aggregators have discontinued the option of free cancellation while others who are still providing it are atleast 3X more expensive (excluding insurance coverage).

During a time when airfares are capped for 3 months, Ixigo’s move would be a huge blow for other aggregators & Ixigo has shown yet again that they know how to stay ahead at all times.


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