Swiping Left, Right and Center: A Curious Case of Push Notification

From online dating apps to scrolling across social media, to the infinite push notifications (PNs),users swipe away things that are irrelevant,within a cursory glance.

Each PN is a potential customer touch point influencing the overall experience & an invaluable channel for engagement, monetisation & retention.

But,let’s face it,in just seconds,our notification bar gets flooded by overzealous brands that mostly continue to pursue cliched content & hacknyed usage of discounts.

Many who have understood well about their audience,made the users fall in love with PNs through personalized conversations at the most relevant times.

Dunzo has always used puns as part of their brand tone & their copy is based on witty pop culture references,clever wordplay & usage of attractive emojis,while also communicating their value proposition of <45mins delivery.

They’ve Dun-it so well

Two things by Dunzo looked very interesting to me:

1) Use of vernacular language: More than 90% of the screenshots I had collected on PNs were in Hindi, making it more relatable for the users. While some could argue that it would affect the reach among non-hindi speaking community, but even most of them are able to understand the crux of the context because of the usage of puns. Interestingly, according to a friend of mine in Bengaluru, Dunzo had released notifications in Kannada too, at times, thus making it more relevant and relatable to the Kannadigas. But again, their media campaigns are always an equal mix of both Hindi and English.

2) Use of emojis: Though many brands use emojis, Dunzo has always used at them at the beginning of the notification, making it more noticeable.

Recently, Zomato & Uber used a data driven approach by giving statistics about the no. of delivery agents/drivers that have served us & encouraged us to donate to support them, thereby creating a personal connection.

Doing it Right!!

Brands need to continuously experiment with #userengagement through PNs & deliver value to their users with every interaction to develop meaningful relationships.



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