Emotions in the World of Marketing

Remember the movie Ratatouille?

In the climax scene, Anton Ego, the food critic, is whisked back to his childhood, reliving a memory that has been buried deep within him for decades.

Peasant Dish doing its trick

The scene shows us that emotions can elevate an experience profoundly, way more than any other factor & come to think of it, this remains valid for brands as well.

Brands use emotions to attain various objectives, ranging from awareness, acknowledgement & engagement, thereby trying to form deeper relationships with the customers.

Despite the scientific advances made, human emotions will always be the core to our DNA.

Marketing by appealing to raw & genuine human emotion is common, smart & pays off.

Let’s do a quick check?

▪️Have you noticed how anger & solidarity have been portrayed in the recent #BlackLivesMatter campaigns
▪️Trust & Hope were the main triggers in the #Covid19 awareness #campaigns
▪️Fear has been used by WWF in increasing awareness about the harmful effects of global warming
▪️An average person experiences nostalgia more than once a week; haven’t you noticed the FB/Instagram memories feature
▪️Dulux’s Paint Visualizer & Pepperfry helps in satisfying the user’s need for Instant Gratification

Ben & Jerry’s, you’ve earned the world’s respect
Ouch, deeep!!!

Weaving emotions into the marketing narration has become mainstream because of the way it encourages the audience to act, but still remains a complex task for a marketer.

Do one thing: Just observe your state of emotion when your favourite ad or jingle plays

Do these emotions influence you in any way?

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section people!!

#customerbehaviour #psychology

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