Pokemon: The Branding Craze

I still remember my school days, coming back home everyday, sitting glued infront of the TV watching Pokemon at 5PM in Cartoon Network.

It was in 2003, when the Japanese anime swept in every Indian child with access to TV, & became an instant hit.

Remember the famous Cheetos Tazos?

The Ultimate Prized Possession of a 90s Kid

Frito Lays didn’t take long to cash in on the opportunity, offering free Pokemon Tazos with Cheetos & Uncle Chipps.

Kids went crazy for Tazos, much to the ire of parents who found themselves making daily stops at the kirana store.

Trading cards, school bags, tees were some of the other Pokemon merchandises offered.

But, soon, the charm fizzled out.

However, Pokemon had created a name for itself, that’s why in 2016, people went crazy over the release of Pokemon Go.

Businesses were quick to recognise the potential of the craze, this time too.

Reliance Jio, who also followed Pokemon’s tagline of Gotta catch ’em all when they launched in India, partnered with Niantin to launch Pokemon GO, enabing Jio users to play the game without incurring data charges.

Gotta catch ’em all

On JioChat, users also had access to an exclusive Pokemon Go Channel creating a community for the players.

Bengaluru-based startup Bhukkad created a FB event inviting players to their Pokecorner, offering discounts for players who caught Pokemons during the event. People flew in, in large numbers & they got a 10x return on their marketing investment.

Do you recollect any show/brands that made such an impact over the years & made some great collaborations in the market?

Let me know in the comments below.

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