The Tempting Food Commercials Paradox

Have you ever had that unfortunate & disappointing fast food meal, which looked nothing like the tempting ads that made you crave for it in the first place?

Well, if you haven’t, I have & so did a McDonald’s Customer in Canada, back in 2012, through Twitter.

The tweet that started it all

The good folks over at McD took this as an opportunity to be more transparent & released an honest, behind the scenes video, showing how much effort goes into making the food look so great in the commercials.

And as you would imagine, it’s extremely tedious, taking hours to construct that perfect burger.

From syringes & tweezers in carefully placing the ingredients, to the retouching works done using Photoshop, it’s the most precisely made & elegant burger one’ll ever see.

Woah, that stark contrast

What stands out is that they used the exact same ingredients, unlike other brands that use non edible products for creating breath taking shots to create that visual impact (Atleast, in this video, they’ve), thus creating authenticity with the customers through this video.

From beauty products like lipstick, hair cream etc to those like cotton balls & tampons have been used by stylists extensively.

Theres this blog by, mentioning some of the tricks used.

We’ve heard about colour psychology in food marketing. Similar to that, studies show that tempting food images & words activate simulations of the food’s taste & texture, as well as hedonic enjoyment.

In an age where information is everywhere, one can either give their customers the information they crave about or else risk them coming up with their own assumptions.

But, what amazed me the most was that they didn’t shy away from giving the customers that information, without any suger coating.

They owned up to the flaws & in a way, gained trust, instead of just avoiding the situation.

With the recent Spotify’s logo incident, we can see that social listening & moment marketing has become very relevant in creating those simple yet impactful connections with the consumers.

What are your thoughts on this?

Let me know in the comments below.

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