Pronunciation: The Latest Feature in LinkedIn’s Arsenal

Remember X Æ A-12? Do you know how to pronounce the most famous newborn’s name?

Memers had found a goldmine where they dished out their creativity in Social media after Elon Musk and Grimes named their son X Æ A-12

Well, LinkedIn has come to his & its users rescue. They’ve released the Pronunciation Feature in the name badge, where the user can record a 10 second audio for the same.

This was previously available only in Facebook. With LinkedIn being a professional network, this is an excellent move by them.

You can read about the Facebook feature in this link:

All of us would’ve had atleast one experience in life where we have pronounced someone’s name incorrectly or been at the receiving end of it.

Living in an increasingly diverse & interconnected world, we live & work with people of different ethnicities & linguistic backgrounds.

While the mispronounciation is highly bothering, people often don’t find a good way to explain how to do it correctly & often decide not to correct someone, after weighing in the costs of doing so.

But, think of it, this 10 seconds can be utilised not just for pronunciation!

It could be a 10 second pitch, where the user could convey whatever they want to; may be a service that they could offer or the skills that they possess.

But being highly conscious about my voice, as an user, I would be hesitant to upload the same. Could they come up with any alternative, may be phonetics?

You can read about it here:

Do you think this feature will be a hit? What could be done better by them?

Share your thoughts below.

Oh btw, Elon Musk, it’s definitely high time you start a LinkedIn Page for the future CEO of Tesla

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