Swiggy Bored Exam Results are out!

This clever subject line from Swiggy‘s #emailmarketing campaign kind of scared me but also aroused the curiosity in me.

Tbh, I misread bored as board & that definitely brought back some shivers down the spine from the past.

There’s no doubt that Swiggy rules the house in the E-Mail Marketing Game.

Getting bombarded by numerous promotional mails everyday, of which, most of them either find their place in Spam while the rest are either unread/deleted directly, this was one particular instant, where it prompted me to open & explore the options.

And Damn, wasn’t this crafted so brilliantly.

With the CBSE board results declared this week, the campaign took an interesting route of connecting our food delivery statistics since the lockdown.

Mathematics has always been a letdown 🥺

Connecting parameters like frequency, type of cuisines, discount savings etc. to the 12th grade subjects, it grades us on different subjects & allows the user to share the individual & overall results in Twitter through preset templates for every tweet.

Cruising it in Biology, thanks to all those Porotta-Beef Orders
High time to take that Eco 101 Classes

The end note also cleverly nudges the user to keep on Swiggying by comparing it with being educated on food.

Swiggy’s email marketing has set the standards so high in the past as well.

One prime factor has been their collaboration with Netcore’s Smartech, an AI-powered marketing automation & analytics suite.

It has raised Swiggy’s user engagement by 1.5x, unique open rates by over 2x & ensured twice click rates in just 6 months.

They also ensured that Swiggy’s emails landed up in the user’s primary inbox rather than frolicking in the spam folder.

With Email marketing getting more stronger in today’s world, Swiggy is simply crushing it.

Connecting even Unsubscribing to Deliciousness, damn!

Their content quality is just top notch, creating that sense of curiosity among the users & is definitely a great lesson for aspiring marketers, that great engaging content would definitely go a long way for any brand.

Do check them out & let me know your reactions in the comments below.

#branding #userengagement

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