Xiaomi to enter Laptop Market: Yes, It’s finally Happening!!

Finally,it’s happening!

Acting on its plans to go aggressive with Mi-branded devices, Xiaomi India lead by Manu Kumar Jain created quite a buzz in Twitter, teasing about their entry into the Laptop Segment, by addressing their future competition
(Strike1:The tweet wasn’t addressed to Apple)


While I’m pretty excited about their entry into the market that is currently lead by HP, I’m sceptical about their timing & it would be interesting to see which segment they would be catering to?

A product launch is often a make-or-break moment. With an increased demand for laptops due to Work from Home & e-learning, they hope to cash-in on this opportunity, mainly through their Mi-series,which interestingly caters to the Premium segment & targets the power users as well as gamers.

This seems valid considering the fact that Asus, Acer & Dell have launched gaming laptops recently.

Mi Air, looking so elegant

It would be interesting to see how they would be able to challenge the existing competition, considering the fact that their strategy for smart phone market entry was by focusing on the affordable segment.

With also slight concerns from the blatant anti-China sentiments, will they be able to mark their dominance in yet another segment, fulfilling their strategy of unfolding the premium story in India?

What do you think? Will they be successful?


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