The Uni-Tea among Rivals

“Uni-tea” in addressing the elephant in the room!

How many times have we seen rivals in a category, come together & fight towards a common goal?

Well, the UK Tea Industry witnessed something groundbreaking recently.

When a YouTube vlogger expressed her happiness that the brand Yorkshire Tea had not come out in support of #BlackLivesMatter, she wouldn’t have imagined such a turn of events.

Poor Laura & Pamela

Yorkshire Tea simply asked her to boycott their products, if she doesn’t support the moment.

That tweet created a domino effect, with most of their rivals, including Unilever’s PG Tips, following suite, supporting YT’s stand, with #solidaritea trending in Twitter.

The Domino Effect

A few weeks before, we had seen Nike & Adidas come together to condemn the social injustice.

Beginning of something great

It is commendable to see how BLM has grown beyond the US, with authorities being forced to take a closer look at racial disparities.

This also shows how relevant social listening has become, for brands.

The recent Godrej Consumer Products Limited-Karan Johar & PepsiCo-Sonam Kapoor episodes are testimonies for that, though in a completely different context.

The Indian Version of Social Listening

It’s time for the brands to align between their stands & what its audience experiences; with solidifying & strengthening becoming more important than ever.


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