Moment Marketing: Cadbury Fuse-TikTok

A case of Cheeky copywriting or Moment Marketing taken way too far?

What’s your take on this ad by Cadbury Fuse? Did they cross the line

India was the biggest market for TikTok with close to 200 million users, with the app finding its way into 30% of all Indian smartphones.

The debate about the quality of content can be never ending, but for thousands of Indians, the now banned Chinese app was their window to fame & fortune.

Cadbury has been in the spotlight frequently for their creative campaigns, including the recent Thank You bar, conceptualized by Ogilvy, as a recognition of the generous spirit of the nation’s unsung heroes during these times.

But I feel that this creative of Cadbury Fuse looks very ill-timed & mocks a huge user base who had found TikTok useful.

Interestingly, Cadbury had run campaigns like “Pop your heart out” in the same platform.

This also comes at a time, where we’ve seen brands like Amul talking about the ban cleverly through their creatives.

Moment marketing is definitely an ideal way to get attention & connect with an audience, but it all depends on the execution, identifying that perfect opportunity & pairing it with timely content.

If the content goes wrong, it can backfire, all due to that spur of the moment. So where can brands draw that fine line?

Opinions are welcome. Let me know in the comments below.

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