Raahi: From Tinder, With Love

Pride wasn’t met with the usual celebrations this year, but brands have been honouring pride month through various cause marketing & employer branding initiatives.

The Rainbow filter takeover

Tinder has taken over the spotlight with India’s first ever Pride Anthem, Raahi, in collaboration with Ritviz & Jugaad Motion Pictures.

With the current pandemic crisis, Tinder India aims to build virtual social solidarity & emphasize the importance of love even while staying indoors.

The video features only members from the community & has been crafted so beautifully, depicting emotions like love, fear & insecurities in a positive way; portraying a beautiful world where people are allowed to be as they’re.

They truly believe in the ability to authentically be oneself. That’s why, recently, they had rolled out features like Orientation & More Genders, globally.

The dating app’s feature lets swipers list up to three of nine sexual orientations in their Tinder profiles. 

When it comes to branding,music helps a customer to remember that brand promise, with upbeat Anthems being the trend these days (Case on point: Wildcraft’s ‘Hain Taiyaar Hum’)

Raahi evokes that positive emotions, giving Tinder a better mind share & promising the community good moments to look forward to, & at the same time, making others realise that love has no bounds.

Tinder’s research also suggests that Gen Z leads the way to a more inclusive world & believes that, they can be that brand that really makes a difference in the society when it comes to LGBTQIA+ acceptance.

Pride Month might be over, but the work to stamp out discrimination must go on.

Watch the beautiful video and see for yourself the magic. Let me know your reactions in the comments below.

What has been your other favourite pride campaigns?

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